From - July 25, 2014

Susan M. wrote:  This review is for: Reality Bites (Coletti Warlords Book 4) (Kindle Edition)

Loved it! Plain and simple. I have re-read Vexing Voss so many times, I was very thankful that Ms. Koger published the next book in the Coletti Warlords series. I love all of the characters I have grown familiar with and was so glad Jaylan found Bree! The author's sarcastic humor had me chuckling numerous times while I read the book. I really wish it had been longer! I enjoyed learning about half Coletti half human hybrids. I always feel as if I am transported to this wonderful world she has created. The World building is fabulous, love that planet! It is the small nuances that I sincerely appreciate, whether it is a description of colors, the surrounding areas, their clothes or lack thereof, space ships, or the people themselves, I am always intrigued. The dialogue makes me laugh out loud at some points. I am an avid sci-fi reader and this is my preferred genre. However, GailKoger is on my immediate buy list and I find myself waiting very impatiently for the next chapter in this series. Write faster, please!

From LooseId - July 23, 2014

Behind the Book Review:


Zelda Dragos has the family I always wanted. Need to be broken out of jail? Call your cousin. Need a safe broken into? Call your Uncle. What's not to love? Oh yeah! The Aunt who wants to sacrifice your virgin self to a demon. That's kind of a downer. As Zelda tries to pull off her latest endeavor of uncovering an ancient treasure she runs into Derek Sloan, alpha male extraordinaire who just happens to fling all her senses into overdrive.

He lays it on thick to seduce her but she's sure it's just for the treasure.

But when he makes what must be the ultimate sacrifice to save her, she's pretty sure she's just found the love of her life. Now just to convince him. This was a creative, hysterical read that kept coming up with new ways to amuse and amaze. Who knew there were so many ways to ditch a determined man? The one-line zingers just kept coming at lightening speed and kept the story zooming right along. The romance between Derek and Zelda was fun as well as steamy, and the total disregard of privacy by her family rang true to me. I loved her cousin Fabian and found him fascinating, as I did all her family members. Derek's cadre was funny on a whole different special ops scale that one has to read about to appreciate. A different kind of read that provided entertainment and laughs as well as steam.

Susan Platt wrote: I was picked to read an advanced copy of "I Hear Voices" and I loved it. The heroine was witty, sarcastic, and funny! Hero was very alpha and they made a perfect couple, she would get in trouble and he would help her get out of it! I read this book within 24 hours and would love a sequel about her cousin! *hint hint*. Highly recommend this book to everyone!"

Kristin Milano wrote: I was one of the fans chosen to read and review an early copy of "I Hear Voice" an e-book by Gail Koger. It was funny, fast paced, very sarcastic and witty. I would recommend this book to any contemporary paranormal fans out there. It hasn't been released yet, but keep an eye out for it soon!