My name is Sarah Jones. I’m a Marine lieutenant and kick-ass fighter pilot. My mission is to save humanity from the Tai-Kok. How did all this start? It started with an alien blitzkrieg. They shocked and awed our military with a spectacular display of force, hoping to destroy our will to fight. The news media horrific stories about the Tai-Koks’ butchery made it clear. You fought or you died.

The Jones family’s psychic abilities gave the world an early warning system; allowing people time to get to the underground shelters, before the Tai-Kok could turn them into Sushi. For those of us who have met them in person; the image of these tall, hairless, skeletal humanoids with a mouth full of sharp metal teeth and three blood-red eyes are forever burned into our minds. 

These depraved ghouls literally live to eat. How they found our world or why they consider us lip-smacking good, no one knows. We did try to communicate with the murderous aliens, but their language consists of a series of cacophonous honks and quacks. Linguists have been working on translating it, but after the monsters slaughtered a school full of children, everyone was more concerned with finding a permanent way to stop them.

The one good thing that resulted from the Tai-Kok's attacks was it unified humanity. For the first time in recorded history every country on Earth joined forces to fight the alien invaders and Central Command was born.

The Tai-Kok ate their way across Europe and the Middle East until they had the bad luck to capture Assad, a suicide bomber, and take him aboard their ship for snack time. Back then, the monsters didn’t search their food for weapons. Big mistake. Assad’s entire family had been massacred by the monsters and he allowed himself to be caught. Assad blew himself up over the Pacific and the badly damaged ship crashed landed outside of Tucson, Arizona. We salvaged their technology and have been using it against them ever since.

Five months ago, while scanning the solar system for our enemies, my cousin, Kaylee Jones, made the mistake of psychically linking with Talree, a Coletti warlord. It turned into one hell of a “first” contact. The alien warlord immediately clamped onto her mind like a tick on a hunting dog. No matter what she did, Kaylee couldn’t break free.

That’s when Talree made his big announcement. Kaylee was his mate. Big honor, Talree said. It didn’t matter if Kaylee was willing or not. She was his. Forever. Luckily, she fell in love with the big jerk and the warlord cherishes her. Yuck. No alien smooches for me.  

Kaylee’s warlord did agree to stop the Tai-Kok and Rodan from raiding our world. But, the bad news was, warlords aren’t benevolent do-gooder types and there was a price for them helping us. Our women.

I wanted to know what the hell had happened to all of their females? Big shocker, the Colettis' tendency to take things that didn't belong to them, had consequences.

Six hundred years ago the Coletti race had almost been wiped out in the Great Galactic War. The chemicals used in the war created a genetic anomaly and only one female baby was born for every one thousand Coletti males. In other words, they were facing extinction

To save his people, Zarek, the Overlord of the Coletti clans, did what any fiercely protective warlord would do. He started raiding other planets and species for their prized psychic females. When the Overlord discovered the Jones family’s unique psychic powers and our blood’s ability to heal cellular damage, he promptly seized control of Earth.

The second Zarek signed the treaty promising to protect Earth from Tai-Kok and Rodan raids, Central Command arrested every Jones serving in the military. They injected us with a tracking device and gave us to the Colettis. We had stopped the monsters from slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people and this was the thanks we got?  

General Georgina Tasker said surrendering us to the Colettis was for the greater good. Billions of lives in exchange for a few psychics. It was a win-win situation for Central Command. With the Coletti warbirds circling overhead, they didn’t need Jones’ Sirens to warn of an imminent attack or our ability to bring down the Tai-Kok’s ships.

The warlords transferred thirty-five members of my immediate family to their new base outside Tucson. That’s when the fun started. Each one of us were to be interrogated about our psychic abilities, medically scanned and logged into their system like so much livestock.

All those bastards were getting out of me was my name, rank and serial number. I was a decorated Marine fighter pilot with eight hundred confirmed kills and they were batshit crazy if they thought I would hook up with an alien. Never gonna happen. Oorah!