My name is Gemma Stone and I’ve been a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy for four years. Why did I become a cop? Genetics, tradition, and the armed robbery I walked in on when I was sixteen.

After my father and five brothers were discharged from the Marines, they all went into law enforcement. My mother had been an Army sniper until pregnancy forced a career change. She now flies a rescue chopper for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  

Chasing down bad guys is in my blood. Unfortunately, most of the citizens I encounter are friggin’ nuts. I mean, seriously, did they put something in the water? And don’t get me started on what some people consider pets. Scorpions are not pets.

I work out of District Three, which includes Sun City, eight unincorporated towns with small populations, Lake Pleasant, and lots of desert. Fifteen deputies cover 1600 square miles. District Three is always understaffed and our calls for service are incredibly high. If you get in trouble, you are pretty much on your own.

My personal life is complicated. Off duty I’m a ballroom dancer. Everyone thinks I’m nuts, but I love competitive dancing; I get to meet a lot of people who aren’t trying to kill me. Ok, there was the one incident, but hey, my homicidal former dance partner is now locked up for eighteen counts of assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and several counts of attempted murder.

During all this chaos, Detective Sergeant Dante Delgado waltzed into my life. The minute I saw him my girly parts yelled yee-haw, and I knew he was the one. We dance divinely together, but our work life is another matter.

Law enforcement isn’t for the fainthearted. Are you brave enough to enter my world?